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Mickey Mouse

My youngest daughter is still obsessed with Mickey Mouse (we had a Mickey party for her 2nd birthday and this weekend we will be celebrating her 3rd- and she picked Mickey again!).  I found a GREAT idea for Mickey cookies and couldn’t resist making some…

Mickey Mouse cookie

Using Oreos (or other black sandwich cookies) dip the bottom half in red chocolate (I used Make n Mold).  Lay out on a cookie sheet in the fridge until set- be sure to line try with wax paper!  Using white chocolate make the buttons- I just dipped a toothpick into the chocolate and painted them on.  The ears are chocolate waffers- being September I was able to find black chocolate (for Halloween).  I used a little white chocolate to “glue” the waffers into the cream filling.  I can’t wait to serve them on Saturday!


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