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Organizing digital photos

I’ve been asked by friends how I keep all my photos organized; anyone that know me knows that I take A LOT of pictures!! So, Kristy, this is for you! LOL

The first and most important thing- transfer photos off your camera often!!!  It is much easier to organized even a couple weeks worth of photos than a whole year…or more!

To start:

Make a folder named :To upload then transfer

Inside that folder, make a folder named: To transfer

And inside that folder make one more named: Transferred

Now, anytime you load pictures onto your computer:

Create folders and sort the pictures by date.  If you have a class field trip, Easter and random snapshots from 2 months make 4 folders- DATE each one!

This is how I would label the folders: 5-4-11 Field Trip, 4-12-11 Easter, 4-1-11 photos (snapshots from April), 5-1-11 (snapshots from May)

Labeling the folders this way will keep them in chronological order (right click, click sort, sort by date- do this in each folder!)

If you do any post editing, do it now. Once post editing is done move the folder into Upload then Transfer folder.  This way you know that your post editing is done but you haven’t uploaded them yet.

However you choose to upload your photos (I usually wait til there is a good deal) be sure when you upload them you label the folders on the website the same (it will make it easier if you need to reference back).  Most sites have free online storage- I prefer to use Walgreens photos.

Once your photos are uploaded, move the folder into the To Transfer folder.  Back up your photos onto CDs or DVDs (depending on the file size) every few months.  LABEL your discs with the date and subjects!

Moved transfered folders to the Transferred folder.  Once you check your discs to make sure there are no errors, delete the folders in the Transferred folder.  You now have your photos in 3 places- prints, on disc and online!

This may seem like a lot, but once you get into the habit of doing it it won’t be too bad!  Now, just be sure you put those prints into albums!


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