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Softball for fun…

Before I continue with the crafts, I had to write about the GREAT softball game I was involved in this past Sunday.  We gathered a few friends, kids and adults, and spent a couple hours playing a “friendly” game of softball.  While we didn’t call strikes we played hard to get outs!  We taunted each other, in fun, and helped each other out (the coaches in us will always coach someone along! lol).

My middle daughter, Rae, played 1st base and had a lot of fun getting her friend’s mom, who is also a substitute teacher at their school, out!  Miss Chris tried to scare Rae as she ran up the base line.  Rae wasn’t intimidated…she laughed at her!  Next inning, I’m up to bat and Coach Mark, on the mound, (my oldest daughter’s head coach) tried to strike me out (kinda tough when we’re not counting strikes!), taunting me with each pitch. Nope! I hit a double!

It was almost 3pm and we were down by 8 runs but we had last-ups…my team ended up winning 28-26!  It was a great afternoon and we’re hoping to get at least one more game in before the weather turns bad.

A few photos from our game:


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