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A North Pole Warning

The girls were having a pretty bad day yesterday and Holly had to give a bad report to Santa.  He sent her back with a warning note and some coal.  This time, he warned, it was not the real thing but they would need to do some good deeds and show a lot of GOOD behavior to stay on the nice list!  The girls were on the quiet side this morning- hopefully thinking about their behavior!  Please see Holly’s page for pics!

On a good note, I got a few more projects done- I am loving having my own space to work and actually complete so much more now!  I finished a holder for all my pens, pencils and markers, completed my Christmas cards, one necklace and a couple more post-it holders.  I am going to hold off on the pics of the Christmas cards and some other items because I don’t want to spoil it for the receipients!  So, for you now, is a pic of the newest ATC I’ve completed- New Year’s glitter for the December lottery- the theme I chose (as winner of Nov) was New Year’s Celebration:

New Year's glitter - swapped

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