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Busy weekend!

Well, the busy weekend is almost over!  Saturday morning we packed up and drove to Syracuse for my husband’s family Christmas.  He is from a big family and it’s always a fun to see family we haven’t seen in a while!   The girls love seeing their cousins (some of them are my age! lol).  After the party we saw some Christmas lights and went back to the hotel.  Sunday morning we got up early for breakfast them the family went swimming; they loved the hot tub!  We drove home and we watched The Santa Clause 3 then headed to my parents house so the girls could help decorated Gramma’s cookies!  I got the rest of my ingredients for my last my baking.  Now I’m home, “relaxing” as I update my blog (be sure to check Holly’s page), upload my pics from the past week or so  and work on my list so I don’t forget any presents or anything for Christmas Eve dinner.

Holly's note

  This is the note Holly left the girls- it’s hard to read but she said she’s having fun as our elf and gave them a behavior reminder!

melting snowman cookies

 These are my melting snowman cookies!  I added one to my cookie tray this weekend and his picture was taken a few times before he was eaten! 🙂

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