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A Solution!

I have received some beautiful ATCs in the swaps that I’ve joined but a few are larger than the standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 size because of embellishments.  And, because of this, they don’t fit in the sleeves that I have in my binder.  I had them in a sleeve in the pocket in the binder but they weren’t really displayed…until now!

I took a regular full size page protector and made it into 4 sections!  Now the oversized ATCs fit nicely and I can add the pages to my binder!

First I put cardboard in the page protector and using an Xacto knife I made a slit horizontally through the middle (you HAVE to use the cardboard because you don’t want to cut all the way through the page).  Then I went to my sewing machine and sewed across the page just above the slit to seal the top section.  Then I made a vertical seam through the middle from top to bottom making the 4 sections.  I was surprised at how well it worked- who knew you could sew plastic!  🙂

2 of my sewn pages. One already filled with ATCs I've received

A close up of the sewn page

Oh, and if you’re going to try it, make sure you start at the bottom for the verticle seam!  The first one I started at the top and the plastic bunched up a bit at the center.  The second one I started at the bottom and had no issues!

I’m pleased with how my pages came out- a cheap solution when you’re on a budget!

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