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Weekly menu

Even though it’s been a few years, I still haven’t completely adjusted to a once-a-month paycheck.  I would go do one HUGE shopping trip on payday and pick up produce, bread and little things throughout the month.  I’d buy stuff that I wanted to make and forget about it.  Meat would get buried in the freezer, taco shells pushed to the back of the cupboard.  Anyway, I tried to do the weekly menu thing and it just didn’t work.  How could I plan what on wanted to eat on Friday when it was only Sunday??

So, this last payday I sat down and made a menu.  Went through the freezer, panty and cupboards to see what I had on hand.  Made a shopping list and stuck to it…and my grocery bill was $125!  Stuck to the menu too!

This week, I did the same.  Made a menu.  Made a list.  And made a weekly menu planner for my fridge!  The grocery bil this week…$65!!  And, no, I am not an extreme couponer.  As a matter of fact, I don’t use coupons at all.  I buy generic!  I love Wegmans brand products!

Anyway, here is my planner.  I created it in Microsoft Word and printed it on cardstock.  I trimmed the cardstock a bit and glued it to a piece of kraft paper.  Then I covered the front in clear contact paper so I could write on it with a dry erase marker.  I cut a slit for my notepad (grocery list) and put a few magnet strips on the back.  Voila!  My menu planner:

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