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My room

A while back I had posted that I now had my own art room.  It’s been a work in progress (and probably always will be) but it’s finally pretty functional!  I’ve made lots of scrapbook pages, ATCs and paintings in my new room.  It’s a pretty small room, only 7ft x 9ft but I’m making it work…it’s better than the dining room table!

This is the view from standing just inside the door

from the door

This table was custom made by my Dad for all my paper crafting.  Adjustable shelves hold all my paper and stickers.  Underneath I’ve attached an envelope for scraps and my stencils.  The shelf above the table holds my pictures that are ready for scrapping, Sharpies, and little bitty stuff! My cutter hangs just under the shelf.

my paper crafting table

I have a nice window in my room!  It’s recessed and has a nice wide sill that holds my dock for my iPhone and a few old Care Bears from when I was little.  The long hanging frame will slowly be filled with a few of my favorite pics of my girls.

above the table

To the right of my table is a bookshelf for all my scrapbooks in progress, stamps, ink and other accessories.  And some of my favorite artwork on the wall.  And my painting corner.

to the right of my table

On the same wall as the door (well, in the corner behind my table) is my painting corner.  Finally, a permanent spot for my easel, canvases and paints!  My dad built me the paint table out of scraps so it doesn’t matter if it gets a little messy!  I hung my brush roll with push pins on the wall to save a little room.

painting corner

Next to my painting corner (behind my table) is another bookshelf with ATC and smash book supplies plus other odds and ends.  On the wall is a little shelf with my softball stuff- one player made me an Orbeez filled softball and I had an extra trophy last year (a player dropped out after the first practice) so I added that to my shelf too!  On the back of the door is a shoe organizer I use to store all my adhesives- tacky glue, mounting tape, E-600, Mod Podge, etc.  And a left over Little Mermaid painting on the wall from when this used to be the girls’ playroom.  Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie so I left it on the wall for me! 🙂  There’s a little storage space under the stairs that I just added a few plastic bins to for misc stuff and my sewing machine.  Much easier than hauling it upstairs all the time!

from next to the table


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