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Wow!  It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted!  Can you tell it’s been busy??

Between doctor appointments, concerts, ice skating shows, Girl Scouts and beautiful weather, I haven’t done much art work.  I have, however, taken a lot of pictures!

Sunday the 18th was a great day.  It was cool (compared to the past few days) but a sunny, clear day.  The girls and I went to Losson Park for a walk then took out the softball equipement and hit the ball around for a while.

The girls in the park

Last week was particularly busy.  Wednesday evening Nina was in the West Side string concert- it was the West High School, Middle school and her elementary school!  Each orchestra played 2 songs then the all the schools played 2 songs together.  The elementary school stood on risers and the middle school stood in the aisles (while the high school was on stage) and they played from memory!  Nina was nervous about a difficult part but she played right through it!

March 21st- West Side String Concert

That Friday was the D.A.R.E. graduation- the 5th graders finished their drug, alcohol and violence education given by the West Seneca Police.  Nina and her friend Taylor won the essay contest for their classrooms!

DARE essay winners!

Immediately following the DARE graduation, we left school and headed to the ice rink for the last day of ice skating- their ice show.  Each class shows off the skills they’ve been working on during the past 10 lessons.  Nina and her friend Sara are the only 2 in their class so they got to do a duet!

One of Nina's fancy moves!

Rae’s class had 3 girls in it and they skated with their teacher.

Rae in a spin

Friday night we joined the family to visit with my Gram celebrating her 94th birthday!  Then we had some friends over the first campfire of the season (and enjoy the end of our warm spell! LOL)

Saturday morning Raelyn made her 2nd sacrament- her first confession (sorry, no pics).  The church had a little reception afterwards with cake and juice for everyone.  Sunday we had plans to play softball but Mother Nature wasn’t going to let that happen.  It rained most of the day Saturday and into Sunday and it was not to warm, either.

It was a crazy busy month…and this is just the beginning!  Ice skating my be over, but softall is just about ready to begin!

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