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This year’s season kept us busy! 3 daughters, playing on 4 teams, and 1 subbing on another team made for LOTS of softball this summer!  Yesterday was the final day of the season. What will we do with all our free time? 🙂


Our 10U Magic travel team took 2nd place in the Dazzler’s Tournament.  The girls won all 3 pool play games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday to go to the championship game!  My Rae (in the middle, on the left holding the team trophy), pitched 4 games and got MVP for game 1 on Sunday!


Yesterday (July 26th) was the last game day for our house league- award day.  Each division plays and there are awards and pizza after each game.  Our morning started at 8:15am for warm-ups with game 1 at 9am:


Rae’s 10U house team went 9-1 during the season and won the final game 10-8 for 1st place! Rae was given the game ball by her coach (I’m the assistant) for her amazing game.  She made 6 outs, including an unassisted double play while playing short stop. She pitched the last 3 innings; one of them was a 9 pitch inning. The last inning, 2 outs, up by 2 runs, girls on base…and she struck the batter out!


Nina’s 13U house team took 2nd place with a 7-2 win!  Went to the final game in 4th place (with a 5-2-2 record), took a win and placed 2nd overall!  Nina pitched 3 inning with 5 strike outs, only allowing 2 runs, caught 4 pop flies, including the game winning out- the umpire told her to keep the ball that was in her glove because she deserved it!


And, the final game of the day was Juli’s 8U team.  Love this division- no stress, no real drama and everyone gets a first place trophy! 🙂  Juli played well, hitting pitches (it’s a coach pitch division, but if the batter is struggling, a tee is brought out to keep the game moving) and making outs!

Now for a couple weeks off until the try outs for the 2015 season!

Thanks for letting me brag about my girls- I am just so proud of how far they’ve come! 🙂

Hope all my followers and readers have a had a fun, eventful summer! Leave a comment describing your summer activities!


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