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New Camera!!

So, I realized my camera was 5 yrs old.  Nothing wrong with it, just “outdated”.  Thought it might be time for an upgrade so I started looking….and yesterday I got the Nikon D7100!

Here are the first few pics taken with the new camera.  I had to use it before my daughter uses it at the game tonight!

An amazing site


Today, here near Buffalo, NY, it was -1°F with a wind chill of -19°…but the sun was out!! Seems like we haven’t seen the sun in a long time!  So, what else was there to do than to head outside and soak up the sun! LOL

Now, there has been a link going around on FB and other sites that Niagara Falls is frozen solid; it’s not true.  But, there is a lot of ice and the mist freezes in the air and coats everything in ice and feels like a hail storm.  The trees, lamp posts and railings are coated in ice and frozen snow.  It looks fluffy, but it’s frozen solid!


winter wonderland

winter wonderland

snowy tree

snowy tree

There was a lot of mist today so it was hard to see the actual falls; we headed over to the Canadian side to get a better view of the falls.

Niagara Falls below zero

Niagara Falls below zero

mist copy


Check out my website to see more pics from today’s adventures!

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and new photos!

I’ve finally updated the website with more of my favorite photos from 2013 and into 2014.

2 weeks ago we were hit with the polar vortex and the Blizzard of ’14.  Frigid cold temps and brutal winds left behind some wintery beauty!  I took a drive up to Niagara Falls and along Lake Erie- here’s a couple of my favorites, check out my site for more!

Flowing and Frozen

Flowing and Frozen

While the falls didn’t actually freeze, there was a lot of ice along the falls, the gorge and in the trees.  It was starting to thaw and all you could hear was “snap, crackle, pop” as the ice fell out of the trees.


Blue River Ice

Blue River Ice

Saw this blue ice along the upper Niagara near the water intakes.  I’ve never seen blue ice before!


Mountains along the Shore

Mountains along the Shore

Along the lake shore were these 10-12 foot “mountains” of ice, presumably from the high winds and below zero temps!

Merry Christmas

I just want to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!  Thank you for following me and looking forward to another fun filled holiday season!!



Craft and Vendor Fair is here!

I’ve been planning and painting and crafting for weeks…and it’s finally here: the Winchester PTA Craft and Vendor Fair in West Seneca, NY!  If you’re local, try and stop by- Winchester Community Church on Harlem Rd 6-9pm.  Free admission and each crafter/vendor will have a give-away raffle item at their table!  Here’s a few more items I will have on my table!

New wine glasses

New wine charms

Initial Wine Charms

Chalk board items

Photo Coasters- made on 4×4 tiles with my original photography (many series to choose from.  I will be uploading series photos soon!)

Dry erase tile memo boards- 6×6 and 6×8.  Easels available too!

And one of last year’s favorites…

Snowman wine glass candle holder (flameless only).  Available in large and small sizes!

snowman wineglass flameless candle holder

snowman wineglass flameless candle holder


Thanks for looking!  Interested in anything?  Email me or message me through Facebook!


I’m not really sure why, because I was never a fan of the city, but I LOVE New York City!!  I went for the 3rd time last weekend with a great friend of mine- see, here we are in Central Park!

132 copy

My first time there, I rode the tour buses, went up the Empire State Building, walked around the village and Central Park and even took a carriage ride (they were much less expensive then!).  Last year my husband and I took our 3 daughters and took the train in for a day.

Last weekend I did the tour bus again but got a few extras, including a great tour guide- his name is Sherwood and I’m sure we’ll never forget him!  On Friday, we went to the Top of the Rock.  Now, I did most of our planning and Chris went along with it- and she did not know what Top of the Rock was.  She admitted to me afterwards that she thought we were going somewhere to climb a rock!  (For those of you that don’t know, it’s an observation tower in Rockefeller Center)!  So, on Saturday when we went to Central Park I made her climb an actual rock! 🙂  That evening we went to the deck of the Empire State Building– absolutely breathtaking at night- a sight I’ve never seen before

Looking downtown from 86 floors

Looking downtown from 86 floors

We rode the tour buses all weekend taking in the sites.  Sunday morning we took a sightseeing cruise that was included in our package- another first!  Views from the Hudson and East Rivers, the bridges over the East River and the Statue of Liberty!  After the cruise we hopped on the uptown bus- I’ve never been to Hell’s Kitchen, Harlem or saw the north part of Central Park or Museum Mile.  Lots of great memories, and over 1200 pics to go with it!  Please check out my photo website at to see a few of my favorites!


Back over the winter, we tossed around the idea of a family vacation and figured we could do it!  I searched, planned and booked…then we waited.  I didn’t want to say “I can’t wait” because I wasn’t going to wish away our summer.  But summer went fast as it always does and it was time to go. First time the girls were on a plane!

We flew out on Tues, had a lay over in Atlanta, and arrived in Tampa 10 min early…but there was a bad lightning storm and they couldn’t unload the luggage so we sat around for over an hour waiting to collect our luggage! Finally arrived at our hotel at 8pm.

At BUF airport waiting to board

At BUF airport waiting to board

Day 2 we took a shuttle to Shell Key Island.  We found lots of shells and saw manatees!  Then we headed to Clearwater Beach so the girls could swim in the Gulf!

Day 3 we headed to Orlando…MAGIC KINGDOM!  I am not a huge fan of crowds or amusement parks…so one day at Disney World was enough for me.  Juli is very into the Princesses and couldn’t wait to see her favorite, Belle.  Rae wanted to see Mike and Sully at the Laugh Floor and Nina’s (and mine) favorite turned out to be Space Mountain!  We rode lots of rides, including Thunder Railroad, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain (not me!), Pirates of the Caribbean, among others.  Saw the Electric Parade and the fireworks.  It was a very long day (up at 5am and returned to the hotel at 1am).  But, we did everything we wanted to do…including trying the Dole whip!

Day 4- we slept in a bit on Friday! LOL  We started to the day out at the pool, then headed to Honeymoon Island and back to Clearwater Beach.  We hung around at Pier 60 for the little craft show and saw a gorgeous sunset!

Day 5- Today we headed to the Weedon Preserve.  We saw LOTS of crabs and an armadillo!  Then we spent most of the afternoon at St. Pete beach.  A spur of the moment decision had us back in Clearwater to take a dolphin cruise with Mega Bite!  It was fun and we got to see several dolphins!!

Day 6- We headed to Lakeland to the Circle Bar B Reserve.  I found it in a travel book as a good place to see alligators- one thing Nina really wanted to see while in FL.  We headed out on the trails and heard them.  What a weird sound!  Then, I spotted one!  A wild gator!  It was quite the experience!  We ended up seeing 5 of them along the Alligator Alley trail!  Saw lots of osprey too!  From here, we headed to visit our family that lives outside of Tampa!

Day 7- we headed out early and spent the day along the East Coast.  Swam in the Atlantic at Jetty Park (Cape Canaveral), stopped at the Cocoa Beach Pier and drove up to see the space center!

It was a great week and we were able to fit so much in!  I took over 1300 pics and put 907 miles on the rental car!!  I will be updating my photography website very soon with more pics from our trip!  I hope you’ll stop by and take a look!

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