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My Summer

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, our summer was pretty much consumed with softball (not that I’m complaining!).  We did manage to squeeze a few other things in, though!  In May, Juli had Kindergarten orientation- can’t believe my baby is going to school already (she starts tomorrow!).

An exciting day!

An exciting day!


At then end of the Month, I got to go with Nina on her 6th grade trip to Toronto.  We went to the zoo, the Royal Museum, took a tour of the city, and finished with dinner at Medieval Times!  It was a long day, but lots of fun.  (And, for the first time since I started coaching, I had to miss a game.  It was Nina’s 1st game of the season and her, 3 teammates and myself missed the game because of the trip!)

Outside the museum

Outside the museum

At Medieval Times

At Medieval Times

Just a few short weeks later, Nina graduated from 6th grade.  Can’t believe she is starting middle school!!

My "baby"

My “baby”

Receiving her diploma

Receiving her diploma



Juli at the beach

Juli at the beach



Our game end "pep talk"

Our game end “pep talk”







And the season starts…

3 daughters + 4 softball teams = BUSY!!!!!


Between coaching 3 house teams (13U, 10U and 8U) and Rae on the town 10U travel team, it’s gonna be a busy summer!  Tonight is Rae’s first travel game.  Here’s a little something I put together for the team to wish them luck in their first game:

001 copy

A bottle of water (wrapped with duct tape), a package of sunflower seeds, and a few candies all wrapped up and ready to go!  Can you tell our team colors orange and blue?  🙂

GO MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!

CAID softball tournament

Yesterday I played in a charity softball tournament with some great friends and coaches!  We had a great morning/afternoon- we won 1 game out of 3 (but we didn’t get “mercy ruled” this year!), one coach hit a grand slam!

Our team made the news!  Love that the video starts out with my big mouth yelling “go Chris!”  A nice close up of me batting, too- glad they got me when I hit the ball! 🙂

Link to news video


Nina has had a great season.  She is playing great on 1st base!  She’s only been put in as pitcher in a couple games but has done well when on the mound.  Nina was also called up to help out in a modified game- giving her an idea of what next year will be like!  That game she played 2nd base and made 2 outs and had a single and a walk.  At the very end of the game, she was on 3rd, bases loaded and the next girl up hit a grand slam!!  She was pretty excited to be a part of that!!

Here’s a few of Nina’s highlights:


This time, it’s Lightning Softball! 🙂  My girls have been playing well this year and are ready to move up to intermediate next year!  Rae’s loves playing 1st base and plays it well.  Twice, she subbed in an intermediate game.  She was nervous but played well!

Here’s a few highlights of Rae!

Softball 2012

Our softball season officially started with a rain-out 😦  My Ponytail game (Rae’s game) was supposed to be on 6/1 and it rained all day long.  6/4 was Nina’s first game (intermediate).  It was chilly and dreary but it didn’t rain on us.

The following week Rae got to play her first game.  The girls played hard and did well.  At this level they don’t keep score and the whole line-up bats every inning but we got more outs than the other team and made some good plays!

Rae with a big out at 1st

Rae’s fast- and was safe!

Our first “softball Saturday”, where the whole league plays throughout the day, was rained out 😦

So, Nina’s second game was this past Monday.  And, I have to brag, Nina played an AWESOME game!!  They didn’t win, but the girls had some great plays.  There was a play from 2nd to 1st (Nina’s the 1st baseman) that was completed for an out.  Nina caught a pop fly then later ran up for the ball and beat the runner back to the base.  But, most exciting, she was brought in to pitch the last inning!  She’s been practicing hard and has been anxious to pitch in a game. It was getting chilly and had started to rain but that didn’t phase her.  First pitch- STRIKE!  She struck the first 2 batters out.  She walked the next 2.  Next batter hit the ball right to her and she threw it to first for the 3rd out- SCORELESS INNING!!  Needless to say, we were very proud of her!!

A big play from 2nd to 1st. Nina caught the ball and had her foot on the bag for the OUT!

Nina’s first game pitching- scoreless inning!

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