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Ah, hello, it’s been awhile (what else is new? lol).  Ok, I’ve got a ton to report!!  🙂  Today I’m sharing my paintings- these have all been done in the past few months.

Hopefully I’ll get everything else posted soon- I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas.  More to come on that soon!!

Here’s a couple of my favorites; please see my art work gallery to see the rest!


#3- Create.  I love to create.  I’ve always like to draw, paint, take pictures and make crafts, but my last 2 years of high school I really got into painting.  My senior year art class- we were supposed to create 12-16 pieces for our portfolios…I had 43 done by June!  This painting is in honor of all that I learned that year!

#3 Create
18x24 canvas


#2 in the series.  We all need to remember to relax and just breathe!  Life gets busy, kids get crazy, but always remember to make time for those important in your life- your family, your friends, and yourself!  This painting is dedicated to Chris, a great friend who always has time to chat and is just a wonderful lady…and who printed up all my letters for me! 🙂

#2 Just Breathe
11x14 canvas


You may remember the 8×10 canvas “Imagine” I did back in February (if not, take a look at my art gallery!).  Well, this inspired me to start a new series of paintings.  Yesterday evening a great friend made me lots of letters with her Cricut machine and today I got to work.

This first painting, acrylic on a 16×20 canvas, is titled “Shades of Pink for HOPE” and is dedicated to my cousin, Sharon, who is a ‘cancer warrior’.   For those battling cancer and those that have beat it… here’s a little HOPE for you!

#1 Shades of Pink for HOPE
16x20 canvas

A Creative Day

Today I had the rare opportunity to spend a couple hours in my room with little interuption.  I got caught up on my ATC FUN swaps and tried a couple “mini” ATCs- one is 1/2 the size (1×3) and the other business card size.  I have a lot of cards that I received from VistaPrint so I used those!  Here are a few, please see my ATC gallery for more of todays work!

These are my business cards.  I stuck them to contact paper to keep them together and painted them with gesso and acrylic

Business cards

This is a book mark that I made for a mingle in the FUN group

One of my minis- I liked them so much I had to make one for myself!

ATCs completed!

I’ve joined a couple of swaps in my favorite ATC group and I’m even hosting one of my own!  I’ve made a few tshirt ATCs, a couple watercolors, one with pastels and an acrylic!  The swap I’m hosting is Fine Arts.  The tshirt swap could be anything you’d like to see on a tshirt- all 4 of mine are softball themed; I’ve got softball on the brain- registration is coming up, we had a hitting clinic earlier in the week, a coach’s meeting later this month…I can’t wait for another season!

Here’s one of my favorite tshirts.  See my ATC page for the rest of them!

Nothing soft

New work!

I’ve been busy!  Besides Girl Scouts, field trips, birthday parties, and getting ready for Halloween, I’ve been working on paintings, ATCs, melted crayon art and photo coasters for the craft/vendor fair (please see the end of the post for more info) that I’m going to be at next week!  The photo coasters are something new…I made several series of 4 coasters each using my own photography.  One series will be given away at the craft/vendor fair- the Niagara Falls series:

Niagara Falls series

Here’s one of my melted crayon pieces:

Melted -crayon- icicles

This ATC was inspired by the Halloween costumes I made for my daughters!  I just loved the spider web fabric  and added a couple of spooky red eyes:

red eyes

And, finally, one of my paintings- an 11×14 canvas:

Purple drops

Please visit my art work (later works) gallery, ATC gallery and projects page to see more of my recent work.  Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Winchester Elementary is having their 4th annual craft and vendor fair on Friday, November 4th from 6pm to 9pm at the Winchester Community Church (909 Harlem Rd in West Seneca).  Admission is free and there will be lots of give-a-ways.  Some of the vendors scheduled to appear, besides me (LOL): Tastefully Simple, Thirty-One, Fleece by Gale, Handmade Creations, Name Signs, WAY program, Teddy Bear Crafts and MANY more!  So, if you’re in the area stop on by!

Been workin’

I’ve joined a couple of ATC swaps and have a vendor fair coming up so I’ve been working at getting things done!  Not to mention getting things ready for my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday party this weekend!  Here are just a couple things I’ve completed; please check out my ATC gallery for more cards!

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