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New Techniques

I finally finished the watercolor I started a few weeks ago.  I have never worked with tube watercolors before- just the little tray that we used in school.  I started with very fluid colors then went back and added details with thicker paint.  I’m pretty happy with the results:

Flowers watercolor 11x15

This next one I just did last Thursday.  A friend used her Cricut machine to cut out “imagine” for me.  I adhered them to the canvas with a little tacky glue.  I was working with acrylics – phalo green, ultramarine blue and crimson.  I liked the background but was not liking the rest of the painting so I tried to wash some of the paint off…and got this really great distressed look!  I added a little color back on with a fan brush and this is the result!

Imagine 8x10

Then I made a second one for my sister-in-law but didn’t think to take a pic with my good camera- only had one on my phone so I appologize for the quality but wanted to show it off anyway 🙂

Imagine #2

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