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Autumn in WNY

I think the best time to see WNY is in the fall.  The colors of the hills and mountains is unbelievable!  Yesterday the family spent the day in Allegheny State Park (and stopped at the Ellicotville craft show on the way home!) and spent today at the Letchworth State Park (another big craft show then had to take pics of the falls).  This year, maybe because of the summer drought, the colors are especially vivid!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Please see my website: for more photos.  I am starting to run out of room here so I’m going to post more photos on the website!  Please don’t be shy! 🙂

Alleghany in Autumn

Every year we spend a day in Alleghany State Park, in WNY southern tier.  This weekend was forecasted to be beautiful and for once the weathermen got it right; it was almost 80* and sunny!   We managed to fit the bikes into the back of the van, after completely rearranging the seats, and headed south first thing Saturday morning.  On our way their we passed through one of the valleys that was completely blanketed with fog- the girls thought it was so neat to be in a cloud!

Upon entering the park the woman at the booth told us a black bear had just crossed the road but by the time we drove through she was gone in the woods.  But I kept the camera ready all day just in case!  So, first we headed to the Red House picnic area to start our bike ride.  We rode the bike trail for probably 1 1/2 miles or so ( kind of tough to bike those hills with an extra 33 pound 3 year old on the back of the bike!) then headed to “our” tree in Quaker.  Every year we’ve gone to Alleghany for the last 11 years we take pics by this one tree, yesterday was no exception!  While by the tree a young woman was driving past, stopped and asked us if she’d like her to take a family pic for us!  See, there still are kind people out there!

We had a picnic lunch, played in the leaves, stopped at Quaker Lake and Science Lake, and climbed on the Thunder Rocks.  If you’ve never been to Alleghany the Thunder Rocks are HUGE boulders, some as big as a house, that have been there for centuries!

Here are a few of the family and a couple scenery shots, please view my photography 2011 gallery for more autumn pics!  As always, thanks for looking!


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