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A Creative Day

Today I had the rare opportunity to spend a couple hours in my room with little interuption.  I got caught up on my ATC FUN swaps and tried a couple “mini” ATCs- one is 1/2 the size (1×3) and the other business card size.  I have a lot of cards that I received from VistaPrint so I used those!  Here are a few, please see my ATC gallery for more of todays work!

These are my business cards.  I stuck them to contact paper to keep them together and painted them with gesso and acrylic

Business cards

This is a book mark that I made for a mingle in the FUN group

One of my minis- I liked them so much I had to make one for myself!

Getting good use of my art room

I’ve been busy in my art room- that happens when the Superbowl pregame starts at 10am and the “festivities” don’t end for 12 hours.  I am NOT a football fan but my husband is!  So…I hid downstairs with the radio on, spreading glue, glitter, and paint! 🙂

Here are a couple of my favorites.  Please see my ATC gallery for the rest that I’ve been working on!


This is a photo I took over the summer.  Printed a few copies and layer them up for a 3D effect!

Rainbow Pinwheel 'cracked wax'

A new technique- color a design on lightweight paper with crayon.  Crinkle it up, cover it in paint, and wipe the paint off.  The paint will settle into the cracks in the wax and wipe off the surface wax.  I had a lot of fun with this one!

I have a couple works in progress, too.  For Christmas I got an airbrush that I have just started playing with- going to take some practice!  And, I bought a set of water colors; just something new to try!

Thanks for stopping by – comments are always appreciated! 🙂

ATCs completed!

I’ve joined a couple of swaps in my favorite ATC group and I’m even hosting one of my own!  I’ve made a few tshirt ATCs, a couple watercolors, one with pastels and an acrylic!  The swap I’m hosting is Fine Arts.  The tshirt swap could be anything you’d like to see on a tshirt- all 4 of mine are softball themed; I’ve got softball on the brain- registration is coming up, we had a hitting clinic earlier in the week, a coach’s meeting later this month…I can’t wait for another season!

Here’s one of my favorite tshirts.  See my ATC page for the rest of them!

Nothing soft

Fine Art ATCs

I decided to host my first swap in the ATC FUN group I belong to and decided on a fine art theme.  I got started on mine and created a few of them today!  I did 3 water color and 1 pastel.  I also started a larger water color with my new water color set (which I’ll post as soon as it’s done).  Here are 2 of my favorites- see my ATC gallery for the others!  Thanks for looking!!


Lone evergreen- pastel ATC

We finally got some snow so I thought a winter scene was appropriate for my 1st pastel ATC

Water color softball ATC

Despite the weather I have had softball on the brain lately!  We haven’t played a game since late October, I got a new bat for Christmas that won’t be used for a while and registration is coming up in a month!  Can’t wait to coach another season!




A Solution!

I have received some beautiful ATCs in the swaps that I’ve joined but a few are larger than the standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 size because of embellishments.  And, because of this, they don’t fit in the sleeves that I have in my binder.  I had them in a sleeve in the pocket in the binder but they weren’t really displayed…until now!

I took a regular full size page protector and made it into 4 sections!  Now the oversized ATCs fit nicely and I can add the pages to my binder!

First I put cardboard in the page protector and using an Xacto knife I made a slit horizontally through the middle (you HAVE to use the cardboard because you don’t want to cut all the way through the page).  Then I went to my sewing machine and sewed across the page just above the slit to seal the top section.  Then I made a vertical seam through the middle from top to bottom making the 4 sections.  I was surprised at how well it worked- who knew you could sew plastic!  🙂

2 of my sewn pages. One already filled with ATCs I've received

A close up of the sewn page

Oh, and if you’re going to try it, make sure you start at the bottom for the verticle seam!  The first one I started at the top and the plastic bunched up a bit at the center.  The second one I started at the bottom and had no issues!

I’m pleased with how my pages came out- a cheap solution when you’re on a budget!


Now that the Christmas rush is over I found a few minutes to spend in my room.  I had joined a couple of ATC swaps in my favorite ATC FUN group and needed to get working on them!  I finally got them done and a couple I liked so much I had to make extra to keep for myself!  They went postal today and this set is on it’s way to the Netherlands!

fingerprint swap

In December I won the monthly lottery and was lucky to receive 13 beautiful winter themed ATCs.  One of them was a layered scene; I loved the technique, called paper tole, and thought I’d try it myself.  I printed off 3 copies of one of my own photos and took a stab at it…and loved it!

City Hall Reflection tole

This is an awkward angle but I tried to show the layers of the card:

City Hall Reflection tole- side view

Please take a look at my ATC gallery to see the rest of the cards I’ve made recently!



A North Pole Warning

The girls were having a pretty bad day yesterday and Holly had to give a bad report to Santa.  He sent her back with a warning note and some coal.  This time, he warned, it was not the real thing but they would need to do some good deeds and show a lot of GOOD behavior to stay on the nice list!  The girls were on the quiet side this morning- hopefully thinking about their behavior!  Please see Holly’s page for pics!

On a good note, I got a few more projects done- I am loving having my own space to work and actually complete so much more now!  I finished a holder for all my pens, pencils and markers, completed my Christmas cards, one necklace and a couple more post-it holders.  I am going to hold off on the pics of the Christmas cards and some other items because I don’t want to spoil it for the receipients!  So, for you now, is a pic of the newest ATC I’ve completed- New Year’s glitter for the December lottery- the theme I chose (as winner of Nov) was New Year’s Celebration:

New Year's glitter - swapped

Good things do happen once in a while

I recently joined a couple of ATC groups online.  One has a monthly lottery- you make a card for the month’s theme, a winner gets picked at random, and all the cards get mailed to the winner.  Well, yep, you guessed it, I was picked as November’s winner!!  Today, my girls got the mail and said “Mom, you got a lot of Christmas cards today!”.  No, no Christmas cards- ATCs!!!  I was so excited- the first 5 came today and they were all beautiful “winter wonderland” cards!

Then, I get an email from RedBubble that someone bought a poster of one of my pictures!!!!

A Long Way Up

Happy early birthday to me 🙂

Ok, enough about me for now… 🙂


Getting caught up!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Black Friday!  Happy Small Business Saturday!  Happy Sunday!

I think that about covers it for this weekend!  I finished decorating the house, inside and out, since Thursday.  I’ve gone Christmas shopping, made Christmas crafts, watched Christmas movies, completed a few ATCs and even fed the family dinner!  LOL

Please check out the handprint ornaments I made with my 3 yr old.  I’ve also added Holly’s day 15 & 16 and pics of the newest ATCs I’ve made!

My full set


I completed a few more ATCs!  These are for specific swaps so I won’t be in possession of them for very long!  Here’s one- see my ATC gallery for the rest!

Missing pieces


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