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A Gift for My Sister

It’s been a while, but for several years in a row I gave my sister a gift basket for her birthday and/or Christmas.  After she took her goodies home she would give me the basket back to refill the following year.  Well, the basket has sat empty in my basement the last couple years as we (my daughters) found something else for their Sosh.

This year I made her a little something to put in that basket!  She has recently started drinking wine, so I made her a set of painted wine glasses and a set of wine glass charms.  Added in 2 bottles of wine, some chocolate, a Starbucks gift card and a baby T-Rex (she LOVES the T-Rex)!

I never thought to take a pic of the filled basket but here’s a pic of one of the glasses and the wine charms.

Silver and Berry dotted glass

Silver and Berry dotted glass with Berry dipped rim


Heart wine glass charms

Heart wine glass charms


I had a lot of fun painting her glasses…so I had to make one for myself!  Did you think it would be anything besides softball? 🙂

Softball glass

Softball glass


I’m slowly adding colors to my glass paint collection…I’ve found just one more thing I love to do! 🙂  Stay tuned as I’m sure there will be more glasses coming…



My baby is turning FOUR on Saturday (boohoo) and she is having a princess party.  I decided she needed to have a pinata seeing that there will be 6-8 kids at the party.  So, for the first time, I made a paper mache pinata (I have made some in the past for the older girls but made them with a paper bag).

The whole process when so smoothly.  I wish I had taken step by step photos but I figured things weren’t going to go well seeing it was the first time.  The paper mache went on nice and smooth, spray painted it with no problems, then I wrapped it in light blue crepe paper.  I added “vine” wheels (pipe cleaners) and a pic of Cinderella.  I love it so much I don’t want to let the kids smash it all up on Saturday!!!

Homemade gifts

My mother-in-law has a big birthday this weekend and we’re heading out to visit her Sunday.  She’s a huge Yankees fan so the girls and I made her a couple of special gifts:

Fleece Blanket

a fleece blanket the girls tied and

Yankee container

they decorated a little container Yankees style that we’ll fill cookies and some lottery tickets.

Please check out my DIY page for the container idea!

Scrappin Party Invitation

My oldest daughter will be 10 in just a couple of weeks and we’re getting ready for her scrappin’ memories party!  We came up with a great idea for themed invitations- film canisters!  A few simple steps (listed under Crafts and Projects) and we had a unique invitation sure to be remembered!

We have a lot planned for the girls.  Some of these girls have been friends since kindergarten and are now in 5th grade- there will be a lot of pictures and memories to be talked about.  The girls will be making scrapbook pages for each other and get their own jourals to decorate and write letters to each other in.  Hopefully it’ll be something cherished to look back in another 10 years!

Mickey Mouse

My youngest daughter is still obsessed with Mickey Mouse (we had a Mickey party for her 2nd birthday and this weekend we will be celebrating her 3rd- and she picked Mickey again!).  I found a GREAT idea for Mickey cookies and couldn’t resist making some…

Mickey Mouse cookie

Using Oreos (or other black sandwich cookies) dip the bottom half in red chocolate (I used Make n Mold).  Lay out on a cookie sheet in the fridge until set- be sure to line try with wax paper!  Using white chocolate make the buttons- I just dipped a toothpick into the chocolate and painted them on.  The ears are chocolate waffers- being September I was able to find black chocolate (for Halloween).  I used a little white chocolate to “glue” the waffers into the cream filling.  I can’t wait to serve them on Saturday!


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