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Buffalo Central Terminal

Today, Oct 2, was the 2011 member only tour.  The difference is this tour goes in places the “general public” tours don’t!  It’s well worth the membership even if you only do this one tour!  Check out the website for more info.

Anyway, we split into 2 groups and our group first went underground- we were the first tour to ever go down the Curtiss St. service way and under the terminal to Curtiss St and the trolley turn around. We also got to see the recently recovered 2 original destination boards!  We then headed back inside to the trolley room, the mezzanine and a few floors of the tower.  Of course, I took lots of pics even though I was there just last year!  I’ve included a couple of the stories under the description of the picture.  There are a lot of great stories about this terminal!

Here are just a few of the pics I took- I tried to keep it to the newer stuff we saw this year and not last year!  Enjoy- comments always appreciated!

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