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Only 4 days til Christmas!

I’m done.  I’ve baked, shopped, molded chocolate, wrapped, packaged, sewed, painted, crafted….and I’m done.  Well, not really.  I keep adding things.  Today I made red velvet cake pops and coasters, oh, and more s’more pops so my older daugther could take them to school on Friday for her class party.  Tomorrow I’m making hot cocoa rice krispie treats.  But, it’s ok, because I was done a couple weeks ago, so anything I do now is extra so there is NO pressure to get things done (unlike my hubby who is out shopping right now! LOL).

my dining room table!

This is my table right now (and my table is huge) and I’ve already filled one cookie tray and several food gifts for teacher/school gifts and of course I keep nibbling on my favorites!

While making the s’more pops, Juli, my youngest, got a hold of a few marshmallows and a sucker stick and made herself a snowman!  I gave her my food writers to make a face; she came running in to show me when she was done- he made him dirty!

Juli's marshmallow snowman

Today we made our gingerbread.  Usually we get a house and there is always issues on who can decorate what.  So, this year I found a gingerbread train- with THREE cars!!!  So, they each decorated a part and there was NO fighting!!

Starting our gingerbread

workin' hard

Our gingerbread train!


I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  Not sure if I’ll be on much before Christmas, other than to update Holly’s page before she leaves us til next year!




The Polish in Me!

My Dad’s side of the family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve.  We would all gather at Gramma and Grampa’s house for Polish sausage, ham, kluskis, and various other foods and presents.  After Grampa passed away and my husband and I bought a house, I started having Christmas Eve!  I make a few pounds of Polish sausage, Gram still makes her kluskis, and a few other foods.  A traditional Polish Christmas Eve wouldn’t have any meat but we just can’t give up our Polish sausage…

Anyway, this year, with the help of my darling cousin, we made pierogies from her Grammie’s recipe.  Sour cream and chive and cheese stuffed peirogies…I can’t wait to eat them.

Homemade Pierogies

Today I attempted 2 new Polish cookies- kruschiki and kolacky.  I was only going to make one, forgot which one, and when Gram started talking about kruschiki I told that’s what I was making…well, it wasn’t.  So I made that too!

The kruschiki came out great and tastes sooo good!


However, my kolacky didn’t turn out so well.  While it does taste good the corners didn’t stay pinched and my filled flowed all over the cookie sheets.  They don’t look too pretty but I’ll post them anyway!

Kolacky- not so pretty

Our Christmas Eve meal is one of my favorite tradions; what are some of yours?

Busy weekend!

Well, the busy weekend is almost over!  Saturday morning we packed up and drove to Syracuse for my husband’s family Christmas.  He is from a big family and it’s always a fun to see family we haven’t seen in a while!   The girls love seeing their cousins (some of them are my age! lol).  After the party we saw some Christmas lights and went back to the hotel.  Sunday morning we got up early for breakfast them the family went swimming; they loved the hot tub!  We drove home and we watched The Santa Clause 3 then headed to my parents house so the girls could help decorated Gramma’s cookies!  I got the rest of my ingredients for my last my baking.  Now I’m home, “relaxing” as I update my blog (be sure to check Holly’s page), upload my pics from the past week or so  and work on my list so I don’t forget any presents or anything for Christmas Eve dinner.

Holly's note

  This is the note Holly left the girls- it’s hard to read but she said she’s having fun as our elf and gave them a behavior reminder!

melting snowman cookies

 These are my melting snowman cookies!  I added one to my cookie tray this weekend and his picture was taken a few times before he was eaten! 🙂


I’ve been adding to my pages!  I’ve added the new FOOD! page, instructions for a simple kid’s Christmas tree craft, and some more projects! Please check back for more updates!  Don’t want to miss a post?  Become a follower and like me on Facebook!

Thanks for looking!

Mickey Mouse travel set

Mickey Mouse

My youngest daughter is still obsessed with Mickey Mouse (we had a Mickey party for her 2nd birthday and this weekend we will be celebrating her 3rd- and she picked Mickey again!).  I found a GREAT idea for Mickey cookies and couldn’t resist making some…

Mickey Mouse cookie

Using Oreos (or other black sandwich cookies) dip the bottom half in red chocolate (I used Make n Mold).  Lay out on a cookie sheet in the fridge until set- be sure to line try with wax paper!  Using white chocolate make the buttons- I just dipped a toothpick into the chocolate and painted them on.  The ears are chocolate waffers- being September I was able to find black chocolate (for Halloween).  I used a little white chocolate to “glue” the waffers into the cream filling.  I can’t wait to serve them on Saturday!


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