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Happy 2014!!

New year, new things!

I have opened an Etsy shop!  Please take a moment to check it out!


More wine glasses!

These were custom orders that I received at the craft fair in November!  The Music drinking glass is a gift for my daughter’s orchestra teacher- didn’t think it would be appropriate for a 12 yr old to give her teacher a wine glass! LOL  I have a few more that are being gifted so I will post those after Christmas!

Craft and Vendor Fair is here!

I’ve been planning and painting and crafting for weeks…and it’s finally here: the Winchester PTA Craft and Vendor Fair in West Seneca, NY!  If you’re local, try and stop by- Winchester Community Church on Harlem Rd 6-9pm.  Free admission and each crafter/vendor will have a give-away raffle item at their table!  Here’s a few more items I will have on my table!

New wine glasses

New wine charms

Initial Wine Charms

Chalk board items

Photo Coasters- made on 4×4 tiles with my original photography (many series to choose from.  I will be uploading series photos soon!)

Dry erase tile memo boards- 6×6 and 6×8.  Easels available too!

And one of last year’s favorites…

Snowman wine glass candle holder (flameless only).  Available in large and small sizes!

snowman wineglass flameless candle holder

snowman wineglass flameless candle holder


Thanks for looking!  Interested in anything?  Email me or message me through Facebook!

Charmed, I’m sure!

I’ve been working hard lately!  Besides softball, Girl Scouts, birthday parties and whatever else comes up, I’ve been getting ready for the craft/ vendor fair next month (hey, if you’re local, stop by!  Friday November 15th 6pm-9pm Winchester Community Church).  You’ve seen some of my wine glasses (more to come!).  Tonight I started making some wine glass charms.  Here’s a sample of the first few sets!  Many more to come!! 🙂

Grapes are just wine in pill form…

Not sure where I saw that quote, but I love it!  I’m not a big wine drinker; I have tried more wines than I can count and there is only one that I found so far that I like (for those of you that are curious, it’s XTC, a pomegranate ice wine).  Anyway, even though I’m not much of a wine drinker, I have several different wine glasses- there are so many cute ones out there!  Well, I decided to try my own- as you may have seen on a previous post I made myself a softball glass.  Today, I made a few for a craft/vendor fair I’ll be at in November.  Here what’s done so far!

Activity Folder

I have seen many travel ideas for kids on Pintrest.  We are going to be traveling by plane for the first time as a family this year and I wanted to make something to keep the girls occupied on the plane.  I found a really cute activity folder…made from fabric. Now, I can sew, but only basic stuff!  This looked like I might be able to do it…

Just the other day my middle daughter was making things with duct tape and came up with a cute folder…yep…I decided I could make their activity folders out of duct tape instead of sewing them!!

So, a trip to AC Moore was in order, as they had duct tape on sale!  I raided the pantry for some cereal boxes and I went to work:

010 copy

Complete Folders

First, gather your supplies.  I found the activity books in Target’s dollar section.  One roll of duct tape is more than enough to make one folder.  And one cereal box.

001 copy

Using the activity book as a guide, cut your cardboard.  Be sure to leave enough room aound the book! (Sorry, I don’t measure, I trace! LOL)

002 copy

Then cover your cardboard, on both sides, with duct tape.  Each of mine had vertical designs- it took 4 strips to cover the cardboard.  I found out the hard way duct tape isn’t that easy to cut- it’s much easier to tear.  TIP: Tear the tape strips so they overhang the cardboard and trim afterwards- tape that doesn’t have any adhesive showing is much easier to cut!!

003 copy

Once both pieces are covered you’ll need to make the binding.  I only plan on putting thin items in the folder so I made the binding one tape width.  Put the covers about an inch apart and tape. Then, flip and tape again.  Trim any overhang.

004 copy

Now for the pockets.  Lay 2 strips of tape, just shorter than the width of the cover, sticky side up.  Then cover with 2 more strips just a little longer (you’ll need some adhesive showing to attach the pocket).

005 copy

Press the pocket in place.  Then add another piece along the bottom and wrap around to seal the bottom.

006 copy

Repeat for the other side.

008 copy

I added a pencil pocket in the middle- be sure to form around a pencil because my first attempt was too small and I couldn’t get a pencil in! LOL

009 copy

Hope I explained myself enough!  I usually forget about taking pics until I’m well into a project!  If you have any questions, or if you make one for yourself, please comment and let me know!! Have fun!

This is for Pinning to Pintrest- for some reason none of the other images are pinnable!  Thanks!

009 copy 2

Happy Easter!

Hello all! Can’t believe the end of March is here.  Hope you’re March is going out like a lamb…it’s not here!

Tomorrow is my girls’ last day of school before break and we made a little something for their teachers.  I’ve seen similar  ideas all over Pintrest and couldn’t resist!

Peep S'mores

Peep S’mores

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