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Holly Sprinkles

Well, Holly left with Santa on Christmas Eve night.  It was a fun 43 days with her!

The girls asked to get matching pajamas again this year on Christmas Eve.  I waited til the last minute to get them wrapped; Holly helped me out the best she could.  However, she forgot to label who got what package and the girls all opened the wrong sizes!

Please see Holly’s page for her last fews days of 2011 with us.  I’m sure we’ll see her again next year!

Only 4 days til Christmas!

I’m done.  I’ve baked, shopped, molded chocolate, wrapped, packaged, sewed, painted, crafted….and I’m done.  Well, not really.  I keep adding things.  Today I made red velvet cake pops and coasters, oh, and more s’more pops so my older daugther could take them to school on Friday for her class party.  Tomorrow I’m making hot cocoa rice krispie treats.  But, it’s ok, because I was done a couple weeks ago, so anything I do now is extra so there is NO pressure to get things done (unlike my hubby who is out shopping right now! LOL).

my dining room table!

This is my table right now (and my table is huge) and I’ve already filled one cookie tray and several food gifts for teacher/school gifts and of course I keep nibbling on my favorites!

While making the s’more pops, Juli, my youngest, got a hold of a few marshmallows and a sucker stick and made herself a snowman!  I gave her my food writers to make a face; she came running in to show me when she was done- he made him dirty!

Juli's marshmallow snowman

Today we made our gingerbread.  Usually we get a house and there is always issues on who can decorate what.  So, this year I found a gingerbread train- with THREE cars!!!  So, they each decorated a part and there was NO fighting!!

Starting our gingerbread

workin' hard

Our gingerbread train!


I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  Not sure if I’ll be on much before Christmas, other than to update Holly’s page before she leaves us til next year!




Busy weekend!

Well, the busy weekend is almost over!  Saturday morning we packed up and drove to Syracuse for my husband’s family Christmas.  He is from a big family and it’s always a fun to see family we haven’t seen in a while!   The girls love seeing their cousins (some of them are my age! lol).  After the party we saw some Christmas lights and went back to the hotel.  Sunday morning we got up early for breakfast them the family went swimming; they loved the hot tub!  We drove home and we watched The Santa Clause 3 then headed to my parents house so the girls could help decorated Gramma’s cookies!  I got the rest of my ingredients for my last my baking.  Now I’m home, “relaxing” as I update my blog (be sure to check Holly’s page), upload my pics from the past week or so  and work on my list so I don’t forget any presents or anything for Christmas Eve dinner.

Holly's note

  This is the note Holly left the girls- it’s hard to read but she said she’s having fun as our elf and gave them a behavior reminder!

melting snowman cookies

 These are my melting snowman cookies!  I added one to my cookie tray this weekend and his picture was taken a few times before he was eaten! 🙂

Christmas Concert

Tonight was my oldest daugter’s Christmas concert at school.  This is only her second concert (in 4th grade they only play in the spring concert).  This year she was already moved up to Violin 1 (her and a friend moved up with the 6th graders!).  The orchestra played 3 songs for us.  Then the chorus performed- which Nina joined.  Then the band played.  At the end former students and faculty were invited up for a sing-a-long.  While I stayed in my seat to take pictures my sister joined Nina on stage to sing!  (My sister and I both attended my girls’ school!).


On another note, Holly’s page is finally updated from the last week!  Please check it out- only 11 (well, almost 10) days til Christmas!

A North Pole Warning

The girls were having a pretty bad day yesterday and Holly had to give a bad report to Santa.  He sent her back with a warning note and some coal.  This time, he warned, it was not the real thing but they would need to do some good deeds and show a lot of GOOD behavior to stay on the nice list!  The girls were on the quiet side this morning- hopefully thinking about their behavior!  Please see Holly’s page for pics!

On a good note, I got a few more projects done- I am loving having my own space to work and actually complete so much more now!  I finished a holder for all my pens, pencils and markers, completed my Christmas cards, one necklace and a couple more post-it holders.  I am going to hold off on the pics of the Christmas cards and some other items because I don’t want to spoil it for the receipients!  So, for you now, is a pic of the newest ATC I’ve completed- New Year’s glitter for the December lottery- the theme I chose (as winner of Nov) was New Year’s Celebration:

New Year's glitter - swapped

Getting ready for Christmas

Ok, as seen if previous posts we put up our tree and got our decorating done (if we ever get any snow I will take a pic of my outdoor illumination.  But today it is in the mid-50s!).

Juli decorating

The older 2 girls decorating


Our tree- 2011

Last week we took our Christmas pics- which came out pretty good, if I may say so!  LOL

My girls- 2011

And, saved the best for last…this was quite a hit with the family!!!!

"THE" Christmas picture of 2011!

And don’t forget to check Holly’s page for her latest shennanigans!

Holly’s Newest Adventures and an ornament

I’ve posted Holly’s lastest adventures on her page.  To start off our December, we wrapped up our Christmas books and movies and will read or watch one a day until Christmas (the full length movies are labeled Friday or Saturday so we are sure we have time to watch them before bedtime!).  Holly started us off today with a new Christmas book, and brought us a new movie a couple days ago.  There’s a few more we need to add to our collection…. 🙂

day 20

And for the ornament- I saw a great idea on Pintrest, from Christy Robbins blog, and had to try it.  My husband’s neice was just married in September so I thought this would be a nice gift (let’s hope she doesn’t read this post!).  I had some ribbon from my girls’ bouquets (they were flower girls) and added that to the top of the ornament.  I was bad at taking step-by-step pics but I did add this project to my craft and project  page.

Invitation ornament

Getting caught up!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Black Friday!  Happy Small Business Saturday!  Happy Sunday!

I think that about covers it for this weekend!  I finished decorating the house, inside and out, since Thursday.  I’ve gone Christmas shopping, made Christmas crafts, watched Christmas movies, completed a few ATCs and even fed the family dinner!  LOL

Please check out the handprint ornaments I made with my 3 yr old.  I’ve also added Holly’s day 15 & 16 and pics of the newest ATCs I’ve made!

My full set

Holly – days 11-14

Holly’s latest adventures are on her page.

Here’s a pic of Juli playing in the fake snow.  She LOVED it- keep her busy long enough to put 5 strings of lights on the tree!

Some more Holly!

I’ve updated the latest of Holly’s adventures!  It was tough for a few nights; the girls has sleepovers on Wednesday and Thursday (no school) and decided to sleep in the dining room!  Soooo, I had to really sneak around!  Check out her page for the lastest photos.

day 8

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