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Getting caught up!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Black Friday!  Happy Small Business Saturday!  Happy Sunday!

I think that about covers it for this weekend!  I finished decorating the house, inside and out, since Thursday.  I’ve gone Christmas shopping, made Christmas crafts, watched Christmas movies, completed a few ATCs and even fed the family dinner!  LOL

Please check out the handprint ornaments I made with my 3 yr old.  I’ve also added Holly’s day 15 & 16 and pics of the newest ATCs I’ve made!

My full set

Holly – days 11-14

Holly’s latest adventures are on her page.

Here’s a pic of Juli playing in the fake snow.  She LOVED it- keep her busy long enough to put 5 strings of lights on the tree!

Some more Holly!

I’ve updated the latest of Holly’s adventures!  It was tough for a few nights; the girls has sleepovers on Wednesday and Thursday (no school) and decided to sleep in the dining room!  Soooo, I had to really sneak around!  Check out her page for the lastest photos.

day 8

first adventures of Holly

day 2

Our first few days with Holly are posted under her page!  Be sure to follow all her adventures this Christmas season!! Juli couldn’t stop talking about the hot chocolate mess from day 3!

Holly Sprinkles

Our “elf on the shelf” arrived this morning.  I was going to wait til Thanksgiving to start this new tradition but, after a rough day off from school yesterday, I thought a little reminder from the North Pole would help the kids settle down!  This elf actually belonged to my great-grandmother and is over 60 years old!

Our elf is named Holly Sprinkles and arrived with a great letter including a little note from Santa.  Be sure to follow her page for all of Holly’s adventures with us this holiday season!

Day 1- Holly Sprinkles arrives

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