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Saving stuff

Like most scrapbookers, I save EVERYTHING!!  I have more ticket stubs, pictures, maps and scraps of whatever than I know what to do with!  Since having my 3rd child, I stopped doing my own scrapbook; I started one for each one of my girls and with the addition of #3 I just couldn’t keep up with 4 scrapbooks (I have trouble keeping up with 3!).

Things got really busy when the kids starting going to school- going on field trips, joining activities- and I just got further and further behind.  My pile of STUFF was growing and my scrapbooks were getting dusty.  I still had to do Nina’s kindergarten celebration [graduation] and she was in 4th grade!!!!  So….I pulled everything out, started sorting and FINALLY got caught up.  For a short time, then summer came, and softball, swimming, trips to the park…

Now, with my own scrap room it’s nice because I can work when I want, stop where I want and my stuff isn’t in anyone’s way (before, I used the dining room table).  In Aug I got caught up to the end of our softball season, which ended Aug 6th and hadn’t done anything til today.  I got Aug to Oct done in 2 books and WILL finish the 3rd one tomorrow.

However…I still have all of MY ticket stubs, pamphlets, papers, pictures, etc that I didn’t know what to do with, until 2 days ago!  A woman in one of my ATC groups has introduced me to smash books!  🙂  This is PERFECT for me because I can just “smash” everything into my book, not worry about it being in order.  My first book is going to be everything that is laying around my room just so I can get caught up then I will do one book per year (or, if I really don’t fill it up, maybe 2 years per book).

I  made a trip to Michael’s today to check out smash book supplies.  The official books were $12.99 and had a lot of prompts in them (backgrounds, cartoons, etc).  I saw online that several people just use a composition notebook so I thought that’s where I’d start- for $.94!  I did pick up a few accessories- a pad of ticket-style prompts, little sticky notes, and the stamper, which was very cool!  (and with a coupon it was 50% off!)

As I get going I will post a few of my favorite pages.  If you smash, please share yours!  Also, if you smash and would like to trade STUFF from your area (pamplets, menus, etc) from your area, let me know. I’m from the Buffalo, NY area!


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