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Today, here near Buffalo, NY, it was -1°F with a wind chill of -19°…but the sun was out!! Seems like we haven’t seen the sun in a long time!  So, what else was there to do than to head outside and soak up the sun! LOL

Now, there has been a link going around on FB and other sites that Niagara Falls is frozen solid; it’s not true.  But, there is a lot of ice and the mist freezes in the air and coats everything in ice and feels like a hail storm.  The trees, lamp posts and railings are coated in ice and frozen snow.  It looks fluffy, but it’s frozen solid!


winter wonderland

winter wonderland

snowy tree

snowy tree

There was a lot of mist today so it was hard to see the actual falls; we headed over to the Canadian side to get a better view of the falls.

Niagara Falls below zero

Niagara Falls below zero

mist copy


Check out my website to see more pics from today’s adventures!

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and new photos!

I’ve finally updated the website with more of my favorite photos from 2013 and into 2014.

2 weeks ago we were hit with the polar vortex and the Blizzard of ’14.  Frigid cold temps and brutal winds left behind some wintery beauty!  I took a drive up to Niagara Falls and along Lake Erie- here’s a couple of my favorites, check out my site for more!

Flowing and Frozen

Flowing and Frozen

While the falls didn’t actually freeze, there was a lot of ice along the falls, the gorge and in the trees.  It was starting to thaw and all you could hear was “snap, crackle, pop” as the ice fell out of the trees.


Blue River Ice

Blue River Ice

Saw this blue ice along the upper Niagara near the water intakes.  I’ve never seen blue ice before!


Mountains along the Shore

Mountains along the Shore

Along the lake shore were these 10-12 foot “mountains” of ice, presumably from the high winds and below zero temps!

Something besides softball

Ok, I figured rather than try and catch up I’ll just start here.  Last week the husband was on vacation and we had THREE softball games that week so we didn’t get to do anything other than day trips.  Our summer has been busy with softball games but this week we got a little other fun in inbetween games!  🙂  I’ll post more about our softball season later….

One day we took the girls down to the waterfront; we walked the stone wall then walked down to the Naval Park.

On Tuesday, the hubby had to go in for a meeting (but got an extra day of vacation out of it!) so my Mom and I took the girls to Sonnenberg Gardens.  The girls had a lot of fun completing the “I Spy” clues.  We had a lot of fun- I’ll post more pics of the gardens later.





on the horsies

Saturday we decided to be tourists and took the girls to Niagara Falls.  We walked the Cave of the Winds (the older girls LOVED standing on the Hurricane Deck) and took a ride on the Maid of the Mist.

Hubby and the girls- Cave of the Winds

My girls and I- Cave of the Winds

All of us- Maid of the Mist

It was a fun week and it went too fast.  Another vacation is coming up next month…the girls don’t know where we’re going yet…I can’t wait! 🙂




New Website!

Well, I’ve realized that my blog started out for my photography and artwork.  Then I added a little of everything!  But, my photography seems to be buried among everything else, so….I created a website specifically to display my photography!

I’ve picked my favorites from the past couple years and will continue adding to it as the months go by.  I’ve also added a special gallery for weddings!

I love wordpress and will continue to post my “creative endeavors” here.  My new website will also free up a little space for pics of artwork and other projects! 🙂

Please, take a look and let me know what you think!

Have a great week!


New work!

I’ve been busy!  Besides Girl Scouts, field trips, birthday parties, and getting ready for Halloween, I’ve been working on paintings, ATCs, melted crayon art and photo coasters for the craft/vendor fair (please see the end of the post for more info) that I’m going to be at next week!  The photo coasters are something new…I made several series of 4 coasters each using my own photography.  One series will be given away at the craft/vendor fair- the Niagara Falls series:

Niagara Falls series

Here’s one of my melted crayon pieces:

Melted -crayon- icicles

This ATC was inspired by the Halloween costumes I made for my daughters!  I just loved the spider web fabric  and added a couple of spooky red eyes:

red eyes

And, finally, one of my paintings- an 11×14 canvas:

Purple drops

Please visit my art work (later works) gallery, ATC gallery and projects page to see more of my recent work.  Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Winchester Elementary is having their 4th annual craft and vendor fair on Friday, November 4th from 6pm to 9pm at the Winchester Community Church (909 Harlem Rd in West Seneca).  Admission is free and there will be lots of give-a-ways.  Some of the vendors scheduled to appear, besides me (LOL): Tastefully Simple, Thirty-One, Fleece by Gale, Handmade Creations, Name Signs, WAY program, Teddy Bear Crafts and MANY more!  So, if you’re in the area stop on by!

A little black and white

While I love vibrant colors there is just something about black and white that I love.   I’ve taken some of my favorites and made them black and white…See more under the “Black and White” gallery.


The Good Old Days bw

Niagara Falls 063 bw

Bow on the Strings bw


9th Anniversary at Niagara

Wednesday, Sept 21st was my 9th anniversary!  My husband and I spent the day pretty much walking around.  First we headed to Old Fort Niagara; we drove through the state park and walked along the shore of Lake Ontario (where I found YELLOW beach glass!!).  Then we headed to the fort.  We spent a couple of hours touring the fort; it was pretty neat and plan on returning with the kids!  If you’re even in the Niagara Falls area take the drive along the Rober Moses Pkwy and take a tour yourself- it’s worth it!

After we were done in the fort we lunched in the little village of Youngstown then headed back along the gorge- the Devil’s Hole gorge trail was calling to us!  We took a walk down LOTS of stairs then walk along the gorge for about 1.5 miles (if not more).  The power of the river is amazing that close up.  The water was a beautiful turquoise color and the leaves were just starting to change.  At the other end of the trail we walk up LOTS of stairs then  visited Whirlpool State Park- it’s a big bend in the river where there are lots of rapids and a wicked whirlpool.

We then continued on the Niagara Falls (where we’ve been many times) and just wandered around the souvenir shops for a little while.  A dinner at Duff”s ended our day; we then headed home to pick up the kids!

Here’s a few of my favorites from our day and you can see more in the 2011 photography gallery.  Thanks for looking!

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