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Holly’s Newest Adventures and an ornament

I’ve posted Holly’s lastest adventures on her page.  To start off our December, we wrapped up our Christmas books and movies and will read or watch one a day until Christmas (the full length movies are labeled Friday or Saturday so we are sure we have time to watch them before bedtime!).  Holly started us off today with a new Christmas book, and brought us a new movie a couple days ago.  There’s a few more we need to add to our collection…. 🙂

day 20

And for the ornament- I saw a great idea on Pintrest, from Christy Robbins blog, and had to try it.  My husband’s neice was just married in September so I thought this would be a nice gift (let’s hope she doesn’t read this post!).  I had some ribbon from my girls’ bouquets (they were flower girls) and added that to the top of the ornament.  I was bad at taking step-by-step pics but I did add this project to my craft and project  page.

Invitation ornament

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