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First day of school

I know I promised you a post about Florida…and it’s coming very soon.  I just had to put up one of the first day of school.  Very special day today.  All 3 girls are in school this year.  Juli starting kindergarten, Rae in 4th and Nina in 7th in middle school!

Christmas Concert

Tonight was my oldest daugter’s Christmas concert at school.  This is only her second concert (in 4th grade they only play in the spring concert).  This year she was already moved up to Violin 1 (her and a friend moved up with the 6th graders!).  The orchestra played 3 songs for us.  Then the chorus performed- which Nina joined.  Then the band played.  At the end former students and faculty were invited up for a sing-a-long.  While I stayed in my seat to take pictures my sister joined Nina on stage to sing!  (My sister and I both attended my girls’ school!).


On another note, Holly’s page is finally updated from the last week!  Please check it out- only 11 (well, almost 10) days til Christmas!

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