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Playing in the “snow”

It’s December 28th and we now have about 1/4 of an inch of snow on the ground.  It’s our 3rd snowfall of the season- we’ve gotten about 1/2 in each time and it lasted about 3 hours then the lawns were green again.  This is Buffalo we’re talking about!  Buffalo, NEW YORK!  Last year we made the national weather channel because Mother Nature dumped 3 1/2 feet on our town in 24 hours!

Anyway, this has not made for happy kids.  A green Christmas, no snow for snowmen, snowballs, sledding…so today the kids begged to go out and play.  The snow has lasted more than a few hours because it’s 22 degrees outside.

Juli made snow angels on the deck- the grass is more green than white.  It’s sad that the girls are excited over our pathetic little snowfall!  lol

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