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Device Covers

We’re addicted to technology.  Who isn’t these days?  Laptops, smart phones, digital cameras, DS’s and now a Kindle, a Kindle fire, a couple of DSi’s, a DSiXL and an iPod Touch.  So, today I put my sewing machine to work!  I see lots of iPad cover tutorials (of which we don’t own) and thought, I can do that for our stuff!  And I did!  The littlest one and I went to Joann’s this morning for some fabric and batting.  2 bobbins, one mis-cut and a few pins in the fingers later I have 3 covers done and 1 more to go.  I need to go back to Joann’s for more velcro.

This was the first one for the iPod.  See my Craft gallery for pics of the others.  Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

iPod cover

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