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I’m not really sure why, because I was never a fan of the city, but I LOVE New York City!!  I went for the 3rd time last weekend with a great friend of mine- see, here we are in Central Park!

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My first time there, I rode the tour buses, went up the Empire State Building, walked around the village and Central Park and even took a carriage ride (they were much less expensive then!).  Last year my husband and I took our 3 daughters and took the train in for a day.

Last weekend I did the tour bus again but got a few extras, including a great tour guide- his name is Sherwood and I’m sure we’ll never forget him!  On Friday, we went to the Top of the Rock.  Now, I did most of our planning and Chris went along with it- and she did not know what Top of the Rock was.  She admitted to me afterwards that she thought we were going somewhere to climb a rock!  (For those of you that don’t know, it’s an observation tower in Rockefeller Center)!  So, on Saturday when we went to Central Park I made her climb an actual rock! 🙂  That evening we went to the deck of the Empire State Building– absolutely breathtaking at night- a sight I’ve never seen before

Looking downtown from 86 floors

Looking downtown from 86 floors

We rode the tour buses all weekend taking in the sites.  Sunday morning we took a sightseeing cruise that was included in our package- another first!  Views from the Hudson and East Rivers, the bridges over the East River and the Statue of Liberty!  After the cruise we hopped on the uptown bus- I’ve never been to Hell’s Kitchen, Harlem or saw the north part of Central Park or Museum Mile.  Lots of great memories, and over 1200 pics to go with it!  Please check out my photo website at to see a few of my favorites!

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