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Family Vacation!!!!!!

It’s official! We’re going on our first big family vacation!  Airplanes, hotel, rental car and DISNEY!!!!

We’re spending a week in Clearwater, FL and taking a day trip to the Magic Kingdom.  My 4 year old is obsessed with princesses so this should be the “happiest place on Earth” for her! LOL

While it’s 6 months away, and I certainly don’t want to rush summer, I’m already planning.  Softball starts in about 6 weeks and it’s going to be a very busy summer with coaching 3 teams, and, one daughter also on a travel team. So, I figure I’ll get as much done as I can now!  Reservations are made.   I have a box started and I’m adding stuff constantly.  Lists are made and being edited.  I’m constantly looking for ideas and tips (have a good one?  Please share!).

I found this website – WDW Prep School – and it’s AMAZING!!!  Shannon has a WONDERFULLY helpful site and will even answer your personal questions.  Please pay a visit to her sight if you’re even thinking of going to Disney!  From this site I found a great idea- pressed penny tubes.  Apparently Disney had machines that you can squish pennies into souvenirs!  It’s $.51- 2 quarters and the penny to squish.  So, each of the girls (and myself!) now have a penny tube.  Find great labels here.  I put mine into Word and added the girls’ names before I printed them.  Then just wrap around the tube and tape in place with packing tape!

Pressed Penny Tubes

Pressed Penny Tubes

I started each of the girls with $3 in quarters- layer 2 quarters and a penny- much easier than digging for the right coins when you find a machine!  The tubes hold several dollars but they’re digging in their piggy banks for the rest! LOL


I’ve seen these on Pintrest and thought they would be a great idea- phone number bracelets. I don’t even want to think of us getting separated but if it does happen, hopefully no one will panic too much and they will remember to find a cast memeber and show them the bracelet!

Phone number bracelets

Phone number bracelets

And with a layover (changing planes) in Atlanta, they’ll be wearing them on the plane too! If you plan on making these, don’t forget your zip code!!

Do you have any great tips about a day trip to Disney?  Please feel free to share in the comments!  I look forward to it! 🙂

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